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come and shmooze with me?

A new Jewish social network, got simple Blogging, Galeries and Groups.

I've opened an "Israeli Youngsters" group there. its real nice, here's a direct link (you can only view if you're registered to shmooze, its quick, free, fun, etc.) – http://www.shmooze.com/group.php?group_id=16

Each group has a forum, a blog, file collections…
Since i had to get it started, here's a post from the Concert Review Blog i wrote:
She's a singer-songwriter. A woman who started singing, out of nowhere about 6 years ago, at the age of 35.

Last thursday Hadara was playing close to my home. naturally – I went. I've been to about 16 of her concerts the past year.
The songs are mostly in english, there's this sweat sexuallity in her music, her voice and her words. (ok, i'm a fan, i might be bias. I AM bias).
It took some time for her to warm up, new place and people, etc. half an hour and a couple of wine glasses later, the woman finally started singing my favorite songs.
there was בואי אראה לך, her best hebrew song (on my opinion), Good Song, Nobody wants you, I'm not tempted, Wedding song and many other good ones.

It's Hadara and the drunk piano. some stories, some wine, lots of wine, and excellent music. Slowly (but surely) you could see all the couples cuddling together. Music drawing them closer.
Then it ended.
I'm waiting for the next one to come.
check out her website – http://www.hadara.co.il, where you can download some music, watch some video-clips and read her blog.
her myspace (where you can see the most updated concert schedule) – http://www.myspace.com/hadara

My secret roads

"Doesn't matter what you say, i think you're gonna love me anyway…"
sounds like a sentence i'd say. hell, i think i've actually said it.

well, hadara actually sang it – and put it on her website to download, so go ahead…

(other stuff on her website… plenty of songs for free…)

Take care, hope y'all had a happy new year.
hopefully my hangover will go over.

i believe in love, just as long as love believes in me…

That's the safest way of working about it, right?
(damn, restarting this post now, i had Matisyahu playing all of a sudden, made me to cheered up.. we can't do that!)

Crazy weeks usually end with some chilling out in front of a chat room. There's something amusing about them… all the freaks of nature come to one place, expose themselves to complete strangers, masturbate, and keep on talking about all the other around them – who are total pervs.

Sweet, eh?

So this week was nice, a bit crazy.
there was oh so plenty of traveling, getting lost on the way home, etc.
The rest of the time i've been sleeping. I love sleeping.

My auntie has been reading my blog, some stories and such. (I hope she missed on the ones that could get me in trouble). The lady thinks i'm suicidle.
Moi?! I'm a happy camper! Kapish?!
(say anything other than that – and i'll fuck'n kill you)

Again. my mind was much clearer before i started writing this post. The minute i try to express thoughts in writing – they clear off my mind.

Anyways, here's to those who make me smile all the time:
Haim Granot
Bachoor Tov

Good song, good song

NAACP was there (j/k, t'was my only lesbian fantasy, my kozak, B, D and friends)
Dancing plenty, making out (in the small ;-)), and even a nice slow dance with the B man.
One photographer asking if me and my female dancing mate are a couple, other says he got turned on by our dance and both took plenty of pictures.
Mucho alcohol which helped losening up. Some fun after a real long break.

Assaf Krauss, the almighty drummer was there, didn't really see him throughout the evening, since he was all the way in the back, and our dancing location was hiddenish. Said hello's at the end of the concert, chances are he, as well, thinks i'm a lesbian.. one way or another – no phone number\date\overnight slumber party… nada.

IF any of you fuckers that were with me there try to pimp me around again, don't try and pimp me to minor AA Cool. cute or not – i want the drummer! my phone number is 0525349649 – i want a DATE!

this post was originally written right after the concert, while lying cramped on the spare bed in my friend's dorm room. there was a whole thing apologizing for my handwriting… (will scan the original paper to prove)

now, everyone sing along — "nobody wants you when you drink this way.."

oops, i did it again

(no, i'm not quoting britney…)

Mr. norwegian dude appears to log online on the messenger.
i don't bother checking his status, dude already told me he's busy once today, won't let it happen again…

i go subtle – "still busy?"
reply, a moment later – "yup presentation!!!"
then dude goes offline.

i hope he's been giving a presentation, with his pc projected on the wall, when my message appears… with a REALLY REALLY scarry picture i have on my messenger…

i love showing up on BIG screens :)

Rabin Fest 2005

On the red corner, it is Bill, William Jefferson, THE SPERM, Clintonnnnnnnn….

It was in the square, named 10 years ago after the Prime Minister who lost his life there.
70-200 thousand people were there. Many teenagers. most of them were children when it happend. and yet, there was something powerfull in seeing them all come and pay respect to this man.

10 years later, and our society has changed. I can't help thinking what would have happend if he had lived.
What, if any, would be different.

lay, lady, lay

So i've got myself a boyfriend. pretty cool. problem is – baby's going to the fucking czech republic for a few years next week.

This past week was drinking almost every night, with Dvir's friends and such.
today i even forgot my credit card in the bar. a friend of mine was around so he got it to me.

and then i decided i'll keep a bathroom in the house all for myself.
do you know what its like to have this tiny bathroom no one uses, because it's way to small?

well, i got one, just outside of my room. and today i decided to take over, conquer.

any ideas what to do with it?
thought of having a notebook with a pen, just in case.

i have drunk posts. they take seconds to write, and are so lousy!!!

Come Pick Me Up, take me out, fuck me up, steal all my records, screw all my friends…

Every now and then, this old depression keeps coming up.
Depression reminds me of the owl.
I miss the owl badly.

In the spirit of Yom Kippur, that time of year when people think of the past year, and decide what went well, what went wrong, and how they should fix it, I think a lot of my past year. It was interesting, I can tell you that.

Met many new people, tried many different things, went into some weird relationships, drank a whole lot of alcohol, and been depressed for quite a long period of time. Longer than i had been in years before.

It is a part of maturing, learning that actions have consequences. That any action made affects life, mine and others, in various ways.
So what will become of me? will god send me to doom? did I get enough things done right, to keep me going? do I even want to keep on going?

Here is my promise for this coming year:
This year will be better. better judgement, health, path of life.
this year will not be a year of self-destruction, as the past year has been.

No more jumping into relationships, booze, or any thing of that sort.

This year, i will think things through. Who am I? What are my goals in life? What are the ways to acheiving my goals?

Wish me luck y'all. hope that next year, same time, I'll have better things to write.